Sunday, April 11, 2010

Dark Chocolate Is Good For You?!?!

I was sent a suggestion for a blog topic - a yummy one at that - dark chocolate and the health benefits associated. I am a huge chocolate lover - I'm all about anything in support of it being healthy :) So here are some resources I checked out and think you will find helpful and interesting!

This first one is actually from WebMD - it has a lovely slideslow with yummy pictures and some interesting history as well. It discusses chocolate's history as an aphrodisiac and more recently the health benefits.

This article, also from WebMD, discusses how dark chocolate seems to help prevent heart disease. It works by keeping c-reactive protein (CRP) at lower levels. This chemical marker is associated with inflammation which contributes to heart problems.

This article, Health By Chocolate, actually delves more into the type of chocolate you need to get to reap the health benefits.

This article, on chocolate during pregnancy, discusses how dark chocolate used sparingly may help avoid pre-eclampsia!

This is only the beginning of research on dark chocolate. So feel free to head out and grab some chocolate BUT you gotta buy the right kind and it has to be in moderation. No chocolate for every meal of the day ok! Cuz then you will be hearing us lecturing about weight gain!


  1. So true! That's why there's no reason not to eat dark chocolates. Thanks for the facts.

  2. Nuh uh, Not true, no lectures about weight gain :P
    I gained 55LBS and it's all Lylaine's fault, lol! I am totally kidding.

  3. LOL Micaila - I think maybe I am the one who tends to lecture a lot about weight gain :p