Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Washington Makes Bold Changes

I have been reading about the new policy changes in Washington. The state is looking for ways to reduce an out-of-control c/s rate. The incentive to have a vaginal delivery is minimal when so much more can be made from doing a c/s. However, by decreasing reimbursement for sections to that of a complicated vaginal birth (I'm guessing this means using forceps or a vacuum at delivery), policymakers hope to lower the c/s rate. Read more about it here.

I don't think that money is always the motivating factor. At least not in terms of making it. I think providers who jump to c/s are more concerned about the loss of money as well as practice, in the form of a lawsuit. I think for this policy to be successful, some changes to the malpractice environment also need to be changed. I am certain we weould see an impact on the section rate from that as well.

Please share your thoughts!

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  1. Completely agree ! A lot of problems with our healthcare system comes from the malpractice environment, not entirely from the way the insurance system is working. I am completely for the "health insurance for all" plan, but not at the price that the Obama's administration is asking us. I hope his healthcare reform plan is not accepted.