Saturday, August 8, 2009

I Can't Do This - birth story

S was scheduled to come in for an AROM induction (where the membranes are ruptured to hopefully bring on labor) the following day as her cervix was very ready at 4/80/-1. This would be her third baby. She had epidurals with the previous two but was really wanting to have natural childbirth this time.

S came in the day before the induction was scheduled with increasing contractions that felt stronger. Her exam was basically the same so I offered to go ahead and break her water, which she promptly agreed to :) There was clear fluid and the baby was quite the happy camper so I sent S off to walk. I wanted her to wait until the contractions were becoming more uncomfortable before using the jacuzzi tub. She walked for a bit with her boyfriend and I attended to someone else who was also laboring naturally for a bit (it was a busy 6 hours of running back and forth between the two!).

After maybe an hour, S was starting to feel more intense contractions about every 3-4 minutes, so in the tub she went. She stayed in the tub, doing squats or just lying back resting. After some time had gone by, her contractions seemed to be spacing out a bit and less intense, so I suggested walking again. I suspected that the baby may have been OP or 'sunny-side up' due to the back pain she was experiencing and the fact that labor wasn't progressing quite as fast as I thought it would (shows how much we can predict these sorts of things!).

The walking seemed to do the trick, as her labor began to pick back up again. She was also feeling a little pressure so we decided to check her cervix prior to getting her back in the tub. She was 7/90/-1 which was great progress. Things began to really pick up speed at this point. She stayed in the tub for a bit. The night shift nurse came on around this time, and happened to be a very NCB friendly nurse by the name of Kim. Fortunately Kim was able to sit tubside when I would need to leave to check on my other lady. Unfortunately, I would come back to find S getting more agitated and restless. I would then sit with her and she seemed to become a little more at ease. My other lady got an epidural around this time so was able to focus more time on S.

S started to feel more pressure so we got her out of the tub and checked her - she was now 8-9/100/0. But she was definitely hitting that transition phase. She was starting to say 'I can't do this Tiffany' over and over. She was becoming very restless. I got her back in the tub. She was asking for pain medicine but I had told her that it was too late...that she was moving along quickly now....she could do this even if it felt like she couldn't. Maybe fifteen minutes later, she started pushing in the tub. I decided to attempt to check her while in the tub as I didn't want to make her move unless it was time for the birth (unfortunately, we are not doing waterbirths...yet). She was definitely ready - 10/100/+1-2. So she got out of the tub and wanted to sit in the bed to push. She pushed for maybe 10 minutes, the entire time telling me that she couldn't do this :) She pushed out her first daughter with wonderful control over an intact perineum!

The first thing she immediately afterwards?

"I did it!"



  1. I love it!!! It's an amazing feeling to do it (birth your baby without medication).

  2. I am truly grateful for you Tiffany! I couldn't have done it without you, and am so glad that you were able to deliver my baby girl. It was the best thing that ever happened to me(except the pain lol). I would recommend a midwife any day over a doctor, especially when they are as caring as you. Thanks again for being the support when I felt I couldn't do it anymore!!!