Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Day in the Life of a Midwife

Typically we do 24 hours of call at a time or a whole weekend, however there are occasional 12 hour call shifts also. I was on call for 12 hours recently...and it was very busy!

0700 Call starts - I'm in bed.

0745 The first page of the day from Labor & Delivery (L&D). Someone's water has broken - which is ok because she's supposed to be having a baby anyway.

0747 Get up and help the husband get the kids off to school. Avoid the whole raised-by-wolves-look by actually brushing the girls' hair.

0815 Think about getting dressed.

0816 Lay back down.

0820 Get up, get dressed in my fashionable hospital scrubs. Go play on computer (blogs, email, etc).

0840 Page from L&D, patient #1 is ready to deliver

0933 Patient #1 delivers

0950 Start making rounds on the two other laboring patients and charting on everyone

1100 Head to postpartum to see postpartum patients and chart on everyone

1145 Grab some lunch in the doctor's lounge and head over to the office

1200 Pull into parking lot of office when L&D pages, patient #3 that just came in at 8cms and feeling pushy.

1201 Bang head against steering wheel

1202 Head back to hospital with lunch in hand

1215 Arrive at patient #3's room to find her smiling and contracting every 6-7 minutes.

1216 Contemplate stepping outside of room to bang head against the wall but opt not to as I have a headache already

1216 Discuss labor support, etc with patient #3. She doesn't feel like getting out of bed at this point.

1220 Call office and tell them I will try to be there by 2pm

1240 Patient #2 is complete and starting to push, I proceed to spend most of the next hour and a half working with her, while running next door to check on patient #3, who is planning natural childbirth

1300 Call office to tell them I will try to be there by 3pm

1400 Call office to tell them I ain't coming.

1438 Patient #2 delivers.

1500 Patient #3 is hurting and just generally not having a good time. She's still the same exam

1515 I get her in the tub and I sit on the toilet. With a chux over it which turns it into a chair. I realize how bad that sounded.

1530 the tub works its magic.

1545 Patient #3 delivers

Meanwhile patient #4 is gradually getting into labor, which was the goal.

1605 Admit patient #5 for labor

1609 Sit down and try to catch up on charts, without mixing up deliveries and patients

1630 The doc wants to know if I will take over his patient as he is going off call and a doc from another practice will be covering (if the patient is ok with this). The patient (#6) has met me before and is fine with me taking over. She has also been stuck at 8cms.

1635 Bang head against the wall

1636 Utilize the magic peanut with patient #6

1645 Sit and catch up on charts

1700 Re-check patient #4 to determine the next course of action. She's definitely in labor now so onward and forward

1715 Sit down and do nothing for a few minutes.

1745 Re-check patient #6 - complete and ready to go!

1800 Call Lylaine to give report as she comes on call for the weekend

1815 Patient #6 delivers

1840 Check on patient #5, who is doing well and making progress.

1855 Leave the hospital

1900 Off call


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