Monday, September 20, 2010

Safe Birth Project Uganda 2010

Four weeks from today, a group of Phoenix midwives (myself included) and nurses are boarding a plane (several, actually) for Uganda. We are heading to the Tororo region in Eastern Uganda to share a course in Life Saving Skills for moms and babies with core community leaders. Most babies in this area are born at home in huts with (and sometimes without) a minimally trained birth attendant. We will be sharing strategies to make pregnancy and birth safer including how to recognize problems early and make a plan. They will be "brainstorming" how they could deal with these emergencies with resources they have available in their community. The idea is to train a core group and teach them how to train others so concepts will be spread over a larger area. This program was designed by midwives and is promoted by the American College of Nurse Midwives. This program has made a large impact in many developing countries. You can follow our project by checking out our blog: You can also get more information about Hope 4 Kids (and Hope 4 Women) International - the organization we are going with - by checking out their website:


  1. I have a friend in Uganda right now working on a health related project for her MPH.

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