Monday, October 19, 2009

Man in Labor

I thought everyone could appreciate this :) It's a man in labor - and he doesn't make it very far!


  1. I've seen this video -- pretty funny actually. He doesn't come anywhere near what "real labor" is like before he gives up. If only it were that easy, right ladies?

  2. i was smiled and showed my husband the video.i said this what whant threw having your daughter jada and your twin sons.i thought this guy was brave at least trying this.but woman have the tool to give birth to new gentration and handle the pain it just the way it goes.i love men on natrual childbirth i say hours painfull contrations and pushing a baby or babies out .i love to see a man try to push baby or babies threw his penis then will talk.

  3. i hope someday the offer this in lamaze classes for men.this what my labor was like in the being and middle on my labor with my twin boys .to bad his wife wasnt to coach him threw his labor .he had great midwife coaching him.when your in later part labor it you all at once .i wish i could of said i dont want to do this.but he gave it a college try and was a good sport about it.guys pushing two seven pound babies was the hardest thing i ever did.