Friday, August 19, 2011

The Change goes on...

Donna's here and Kim's coming!! Our newest midwife, Donna Barisich, has started! She's hopped right in and is nearly up to speed already! Kim Flanders will be joining us in about a week. We will then be fully staffed once again (with 6 CNMs).

We are excited about Kim bringing Centering Pregnancy into the practice. She has "trained the trainers", so will be offering valuable insight and strategy for our implementation.

We are also very excited about the expansion of our practice into the "Midwifery Center" at BWHC (into the South-old Birth Center building where ultrasound and billing are now located). Painting is happening at the moment and we will begin the moving of furniture, desks, etc. today! On Monday, the midwives will be officially moved into the newly renovated space. And Dr. Alan Schapker will be moving back into the North building with our other physicians and nurse practitioner. We hope this move will more efficiently utilize our space and afford a more comfortable waiting room environment (no more SRO).

Stay tuned.  We'll be having an open house soon. Will post the date on both blog and facebook.

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