Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Lots of changes coming at BWHC. Here's just a few:
New CNM, Kate Paxton has just received her privileges at Phoenix Baptist and has started "catching" babies. She's also credentialed to assist with Cesarean section births and has already done her first! Kate comes from Columbia University in New York, but has deep Phoenix roots (her family lives here and her youngest sister was born in our Bethany Birth Center some years ago). Yeah, Kate!

Soon Donna Barasich comes...she comes with a wealth of midwifery experience! We are so happy for our patients to have such loving hands to care for our families. We are fortunate to have her grandbabies be born into our practice...thus the pull from the East Coast to Arizona. She'll be arriving mid-August just in time to experience our "dry heat"! ;-)

We're interviewing and considering another new midwife and hope to make a decision soon.

And then there's a new Midwifery Center in planning stages...Shhhhh it's a secret for now, but start getting excited!!!

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