Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Trust...What we knew first

TRUST... A word we hear frequently, but what does it really mean? Is it something we once knew more about? Something we had more of as a child? Something we can remember? Practice? Words and phrases used to define trust include:

  • Reliance on strength and ability
  • Confident expectation of something
  • Reliance on integrity
  • Believing, hoping

As tiny children we had no problem trusting. It was just second nature to us. We had no doubts about our bodies' strength and abilities. (Remember "I can do it MYSELF!"?) We jumped, played, climbed without worry or fear. We expected and believed something wonderful every day. And there was certainly no shortage of belief and hope at Christmas time.

So, as women, can we still TRUST? Do we trust the process of BIRTH? Can we have CONFIDENCE in the STRENGTH and ABILITY of our bodies to birth our babies? Can we EXPECT a wonderful birth? Can we rely on the INTEGRITY of our minds to stay focused on the work to be done? Can we BELIEVE and HOPE for the most amazing experience?


Perhaps we have forgotten how to trust ourselves, trust our bodies. It’s almost like we have given them over to the medical machine and forgotten what we once knew. We've lost our confidence, lost our self-reliance, our strength. Perhaps we can take a look backward and consider...

What We Knew First

The complete wisdom of the universe abides in us at our birth.

Our very cells know how to love, laugh, and live in grace.

We are born knowing how to heal others

and how to heal ourselves.

Our bodies know by intuition how to give birth to a new generation

and how to pass gently from this life.

The irony is that we spend much of our lives

Searching, trying to understand again, and to TRUST

…what we knew first.

Let's REMEMBER... Let's TRUST...

I invite you to explore strategies to remember and practice trusting yourself, your body, BIRTH:

Check out:

  • Hypnobirthing:
  • "Birthing From Within":

P.S. Late breaking news: Jessica Alba is planning on using hypnobirthing with her current pregnancy!

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