Tuesday, June 29, 2010

S's Birth Story - Graphic pictures

I spent a good bit of time getting to know S and her husband during her pregnancy. I was thrilled when she went into labor while I was on call! The following is her pictorial birth story with some light commentary from me. I thought it was awesome that S's friend and family members were very interested in capturing every aspect of her experience so I asked permission to post, what turned out to be some wonderful photos. GRAPHIC PICTURES ahead!!!!!

The happy (or not-so-happy) couple arrived earlier for a labor check. After walking for a bit and being re-evaluated, it was decided that she should go home. If I remember correctly, she was a couple centimeters dilated at this point.

Once S returned, she got serious about laboring :) She was further dilated, admitted for labor, and tossed in the jacuzzi tub to labor further. She had great support from her husband, mother, and best friend. Her dad was also readily available with any assistance needed.

Fresh out of the tub...

Showing dad some different massage techniques....not the most flattering shot of me :P

Working hard! At this point she was around 8cms but the labor was starting to slow down, leaving her stuck at 8 for a while. S was becoming exhausted after hours and hours of labor. At this point we did have some discussion about pain management options.

S getting some rest once the epidural was in place.

Me and S's husband waiting for a baby to present herself.

Providing perineal support as S pushes the head out.

I assist the new daddy as he catches the baby. You can see the cord :) My finger is not in the baby's eye, just the angle :p

Good sized kid for a first baby. Momma did wonderful, pushing for maybe 45minutes.

A natural....


  1. Thanks to S for her willingness to share!! Beautiful :) It looks like there was no tearing?
    Congrats to the new family!

  2. I don't remember - I'm thinking there was a small tear that I repaired....but just can't remember for sure :p

    1. Dear Tiffany,

      Sorry to disturb you, my name is Laura, I'm french midewife student. I realize a study of perineum and I would like to know if you and your patients are agree to let me use this pictures (perineum only) in my study.

      Yours faithfully

      Laura SUBRINI

  3. There was a small tear in the lips. OWE! But I hear it was mild compare to what it could have been.

    Thank you- we love her!


  4. that is one thing I wish I got, were pictures of her coming out. There is video, but it starts RIGHT when she comes out. You can hear Lylaine telling the student midwife Karyn (I think?) what to do. I am so glad to have that video. Great pictures.

  5. Many thanks to the mom for sharing. Congrats on your beautiful little girl.