Sunday, December 27, 2009

YouTube Changing Birth Culture?

This is an interesting blog post by Amy Romano CNM. She discusses how YouTube could be a potential change agent for birth culture. Cool! A use for technology that is positive and helpful :)

I'll my desire to share what normal birth looks like, I have 'made' my daughters watch several YouTube birth videos. My 6-year-old, Liberty, finds them absolutely fascinating. She begs to come to work with me and see someone have a baby. I told her maybe someday. My 9-year-old, Daja, is not so interested. But she's also very much a tomboy and shies away from 'female things'. She has been to work with me and watched a birth. She did ok but I don't think she found it as awesome as I always do! She was a little green when the placenta came out. I had hoped to let her touch it (with gloves on, of course) but ended up sending her out of the room. :)

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  1. Ooo -- watch out -- you "made" your daughters watch birth videos. What are you, some sort of birth nazi? ;-) You'll be getting some hate mail from certain corners (particularly the former OB now SOB who is not to be named) for forcing your unwilling children to watch a baby be born. Gasp! Horrors!! ;-)

    Yeah, she linked to my "You Might be a Birth Junkie" post which included "if you encourage your children to watch birth videos," and said that we NCB zealots *force* our children to watch these videos against their wills. {roll eyes}

    Ah, well, I guess it takes all kinds to make the world go 'round! There are people like us who want our children to have a normal view of birth, and then there are the others who want them to know nothing of birth but what you see on soap operas! and Discovery Health Um, yeah.